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LARP Glossary

The atmosphere of the game, the look of the the costumes, props and place where the game is located.

Touring minstrel, storyteller and troubadours.

A fictive role that gets impersonated by a participant. Personas made up by a player, are called a player character (PC). Personas acting along a script, predetermined by the organizer, are called "Non-Player-Character" (NPC).

The location where you enter or leave an event, your registration is checked and any other questions you or the organiser may have. Most often, this procedure is divided into an Event-Check-In and the Character-Check-In

short of "Convention" meaning a Live-Action-Role-Playing event.

This is not to be mixed up with "stealing". Thievery is an action in the game where one character takes something away, e.g. game currency or plot items, and only specially marked items. Anything else is "stealing" and gets you in contact with the real-life police.

EP / Experience Points:
EP represent the experience your character gains, while partaking in the game. They allow you to learn new skills and abilities that are referenced in the rules of the game.

Skills / Abilities:
Special abilities of your character/role. Normally, a character can do only the things the player impersonating it can do. Only a few things, e.g "Magic" or similar abilities get simulated by the rules. For everything else there's just this rule: What YOU can do, your character can do too.

The clothes that you wear to impersonate the character.

Is a character that has the ability to heal other characters within the game. Calling for a healer is in-time action and should not be mixed up with the call for a paramedic, which is Out-Time

Your fictional characters story and past. Other characters may learn about it, while interacting with your character.

In-Time while you play your character. Out-Time (also known as: Out-of-Game) is when you act, not your character.

A series of Con events of a single or multiple con-organisers. They share the same background story or plot and/or locate in the same fictive country or world.

Happens in real-time. Try to hit the opponent with your padded weapon. For safety precautions, it is forbidden to hit to the head, neck or in the genital area, in addition, stabbing with most weapons (except items without fibreglass core) is also prohibited.

LARP (lrp)
Live Action Role Playing.

Lifepoints / Hitpoints
Is a simulated amount of hits from a weapon that your character is able to survive without dying on wounds.

Magic Points / MP
Is a simulated amount of points that display your ability to cast magic spells.

Non player Character /NPC
A person impersonating a role that is set up by the event orginazator. Extra. (German: NSC)

Short for Organisers. The ones that plan and create the event and providing the operational and organisational structure.

Is the central theme / leitmotiv of the whole event. The "story" that you can follow and/or change with your actions.

Padded Weapon (Larp-Weapon)
A prop made of a fibre-glass rod, padded with special foam and coated with latex and an airbrush paintjob. Used to stage In-Time fights while avoiding injuries.

The system of rules for the game provides a smooth course of events. They are the foundation of a working simulation of magic, fighting and other character and racial skills.
Can be found here: Rules 5.2 english.

Gamemasters / GM
The "referees" of the event. Coordinate the NPCs, are there for the players in case of questions or complaints. (German: Spielleitung, SL)

Player Character (PC)
The made-up character impersonated by a player. Played along your very own decisions and script. (German: Spieler Charakter, SC)

Stand-by man
A NPC impersonator that plays a lot short lived roles. 5 mins for the envoy, change clothes, be monster A, B or C, and then switches to the red-shirt that dies to show how dangerous the situation is.

Is the very Out-of-Game Command that everybody is allowed to call in case of a potential hazardous situation to stop the whole game. Only to be used in case of an emergency! For instance when someone is in danger of getting injured. Only the Gamemaster may release the situation with the command "Weiter".

An inn where you can get something to drink.

Time-In / Time-Out
Is a command used by Gamemasters to put your characters into the game or out of the game.
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