Kor'Zul et, Herold of Wrath Kor'zuhl-et4
The Herald of Wrath is far more than the simple monster that irresistably hacks and slays through his foes. But although the fight against the Invasion from Mythodea appears to fill him with joy and even seems to give him something to live for it cannot be denied that his cruelty is purely methodical. As an almost unstoppable force he seeks Enlightenment by overcoming foes and even tries to help them get an epiphany - if they want it or not! Therefor it was only a matter of time until his body was destroyed by the settlers Army. But this hardly stopped him. Sim Sin'karaleth built a new body for him... with some special touch of her own.

Shey ksun Aret
Little is known about this person, except that she is nefariously willing to commit genocide to achieve here goals. She did not take part in any of the battles but here arrival on the field of swords was never a good sign.
Shey ksun Aret, Herold der Vorhersehung

Resh'vol,Rikan der Dynastie der Stimme Resh'vol, Rikan of the Voice Dynasty
This creature was rarely seen behind the battle lines but seemed to interrogate everyone who was captured by his troops. First, he was thought to be some kind of diplomat but more accurate would be the term torturer. Never growing weary he searches for weak spots in the moral and leadership of the Elements. And one can only fear what he finds out and how he will use it to destroy the Great Host from within.

Nimoe, Saint of the Undead Flesh
The tales about the undead griffen slayer dates back to the time before the Worldfire. Her mysterious manifestation in the Mirrorworld is seen by the undead as a miracle by the Queen of Bones - the settlers see it as a grim omen. Her thirst for revenge is focused against the Primordial Sceptics and the settlers alike. Where she arises there is no peace.

Thul Sharun Thul Sharuhn, Champion of the Amon Kharr
The military leader of the Black Ice and relentless blade of perfection. A deadly storm on any battlefield that is feared by many.

It took the Black Ice two years in Kelriothar to collect enough power end essence to summon the Ottar Khan, embodyment of the Black Essence itself. The Khor'Ottar of the Black Legion used Mirrorpoints that hat collected pure Ignis, conquered and desecrated it, turning it into something cold and vile.

The Ottar Khan

Igraina of Barrenbay Igraina of Barrenbay
A Laird of the Undead Flesh and one of the most feared warriors of the Endless Army since countless years. It is unimaginable for everyone who catches sight of her today, that once she was a doughter of virtue of the Tivar Kharr'assil.

Emeline of Flowerfield
Offside the undead kingdom, the young highborn was put in charge by Laird Raghayn and Laird Igraina. St. Nimoe herself equipped her with the corresponding power and resurrected she as Laird. The former preacher is deemed to be a relentless commander and a mighty witch.
Emeline of Flowerfield

Raghayn of Silent Hill Raghayn of Silent Hill
The oldest of the existing Lairds has ever been a plenitude of power in battle and his rage has even increased in the Mirrorworld. After Argus' betrayal at the Worldforge he ceased his dutie as chief diplomat of the Queen of Bones. He aligned his troops to a merciless war of extermination and stopped all negotiations in progress with the foe.
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